Featured Artists at Our Gallery

Below are just a few of the wonderfully talented artists we represent at the gallery. Click the image to see the larger photo.

Alan Wilkinson

Alan Wilkinson

An Oahu artist, Alan is an exceptional, award-winning Koa wood craftsman with high attention to detail and specializes in furniture, trunks, and jewelry boxes. Alan is known for using top quality wood for his designs and construction.

Ingrid Brink

Ingrid Brink

Well known watercolor artist, Ingrid has been receiving accolades for over 40 years and popularity for her rich colors. We have a collection of her ocean scenes and we have originals and giclees. Her works are collected by institutions and individuals, and she’s a signature member of the National Watercolor Society.

Julie Mai

Julie Mai

Living most of the year in Hawaii, Julie has impressed us with her energetic style, colors, and oil paintings. Self-taught, she has studied several prominent artists, paints diverse subject matter, and works in the studio and plein air.

Lucinda Moran

Lucinda Moran

Crating jewelry for over 30 years, Lucinda uses silver, gold, precious stones, and other objects to design timeless and universally loved eclectic wearable jewelry.

Michael Felig

Michael Felig

Michael has been an island artist for decades specializing in wood and Koa furniture such as dressers, beds, rockers, tables, dining sets, trunks. He also makes our small ikebana stands, bowls and cutting boards. Particularly, he’s known for his beautiful Koa rocking chairs.

Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Known for his fabulous uniquely styled, hand-etched and burned Norfolk pine bowl designs, Michael is a long-time big island resident from Hilo and now lives in Volcano.


Naoki is a leading "Local Artist" in Hawaii known for his Original Hawaiian style fish print art also known as "Gyotaku". After the fish are caught, they are printed on to the shoji paper and then washed to be consumed.

Christopher Upp

Born on Lihue, Chris carries on his father-inspired interest in high fired glazed creations. He flame works pure crystal into naturally colored life-like creatures of the sea.

Ronald Puakukui Kanakanui Sr.

Hawaiian born and raised, Ron's interest in wood carving was initially ignited by his maternal grandfather, the renowned Kumu Hula, Sam Pua H'aheo. As a "Maoli", he respects the unique guidance provided by ancestral recollections and cultural insights and he tries to manifest these in his one-of-a-kind, original carvings

Syd Vierra

A native Hawaiian, Syd is an exacting carver. He harvests the wood, turns it, and then shapes, spaults, dries, sands, oil soaks, coats and buffs each bowl, taking between 2 to 3 weeks to complete the process

Shirley Pu Wills

Shirley Pu Wills

Her work incorporates her expertise in Asian style painting influenced by the Sung Dynasty Court Paintings, and her concerns for the endangered ecosystems endemic to Hawaii.

Ezra Muir

Living in Hawaii and having raised his family here, Ezra tries to translate onto canvas his experience of "...the beauty and essence of Hawaii as well as the joy it brings."

Beverly Warns

Uses Infrared Photography to highlight. "The spectacular contrasts...in the natural beauty of Hawaii in a way that the naked eye cannot."

Mayumi Oda Art

Mayumi Oda

Mayumi lives on her farm here on the Big Island and is truly a world famous artist "...hailed as 'the Matisse of Japan' famed for her vivid paintings. See her newest piece here

Craig Nichols

"...has been inspired by the ocean all his life...", both as a world class surfer, and commercial fisherman living on the Big Island. He creates unique and beautiful sea sculptures from the exquisite hardwoods found here in Hawaii.

Christy Henspetter

Watercolors, mono printing and oil paintings are the mediums that help her "...connect to nature..." and convey the beauty of "...the beaches of Hawaii".

Stone O'Daugherty

Creates jewelry using his unique "cold fusion" technique that draws on his background in gemology, mineralogy, geology and silver smithing.

Skip Thomsen

Skip's lamps are unique in that they combine both his skills in working with stained glass and his abilities as a fine woodworker.

Heidi Hornberger

Creates Original and Limited Edition wood and bronze sculptures

William Wingert

Focused on series of paintings entitled "Hawaiian Harmonies". He uniquely does most of his painting on-site based on in-the-moment inspirations.

Christina Skaggs

Christina Skaggs, a contemporary painter, uses ancient symbols and alchemical knowledge, to infuse magic into painting.

Kele Kanahele

Kele Kanahele crafts the most beautiful Ni'ihau Shell Leis from the forbidden island of Ni'ihau

Mary Spears

Mary Spears, a long time Waimea resident, is well known for her Hawaiian - themed oil paintings, but is equally adept at working with watercolors and her newest creative modality, torn paper painted collages.

Roen Hufford

Roen Hufford, born on Molokai and raised on the Big Island, owns her own organic farm in Waimea. Roen makes all her dyes from native plants and creates her kapa in the traditional cloth-making manner passed on from previous generations. Special to her is her stand of "wauke" paper bark, which she tends with her 88 year old mother, the famous kapa and lei maker, Marie McDonald.

Beth McCormick

Specializes in Featherwork with traditional materials in contemporary styles. She has a commissioned permanent collection on display at the Hyatt Regency Waikoloa